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Workshop #4:

Religious and Cultural Inclusion and Exclusion in Myanmar History

Religious and Cultural Inclusion and Exclusion in Myanmar History

Workshop #4
12–14 December 2018
Chiang Mai University

As a journal devoted to giving voice to public intellectuals and the civic space vital to rational discourse on the most important issues facing Burmese society, we have invited intellectuals who can contribute to an original, rational, and historically informed dialogue on the issue of Religious and Cultural Inclusion and Exclusion in Myanmar History.

In view of the traumatic political events of the past year, we anticipated that a substantial number of papers would examine Islam and the Rohingya issue. We emphasize, however, that we welcomed papers that examine other ethnic and religious groups that fall within this theme.

Participants will present their papers at an intensive three day workshop to be held at Chiang Mai University. Final papers, revised on the basis of the discussion and debate, will be published (both physically and digitally) in an issue of the IJBS. We hope and anticipate that this issue of the journal will represent an important advance in the understanding of religion and culture in the political life of Burma, contemporary and historical.

The workshop will be held at Chiang Mai University, 12–14 December 2018. Participants will be the guests of CMU’s Regional Center for Social Science and Sustainable Development.

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Timeline for Accepted Papers




The Journal will cover all local expenses (food, accommodation) for the selected participants in Chiang Mai, and will pay for round-trip air or land travel from Myanmar to Chiang Mai.


A modest honorarium will be given to each participant on the delivery of a final draft paper suitable for publication in the IJBS.

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