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for Workshop #1: Public Memory — vlxk trSwf onm

PDFs of articles on public memory that may spark interest and serve as sample research papers for potential writers of public memory in Myanmar [PDFs open in new windows]:

Derek H Alderman
Street names and the scaling of memory: the politics of commemorating Martin Luther King, Jr within the African American community

Benjamin Forest, Juliet Johnson & Karen Till
Post-totalitarian national identity: public memory in Germany and Russia

Yinan He
Remembering and Forgetting the War

Joan M. Schwartz and Terry Cook
Archives, Records, and Power: The Making of Modern Memory

E. Doyle Stevick
The Politics of the Holocaust in Estonia: Historical Memory and Social Divisions in Estonian Education

for Workshop #5: Feminism in Myanmar

PDF of the discussion paper for the 20 December Workshop held in Yangon, 20 December 2018 [opens in new window]:

Tharaphi Than, Pyo Let Han, and Shunn Lei
Lost in Translation: Feminism in Myanmar

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