Independent Journal
of Burmese Scholarship

Independent Journal of Burmese Scholarship: Mission Statement

The Independent Journal of Burmese Scholarshipလွတ်လပ်သော မြန်မာ့ သုတေသန ဂျာနယ် (romanization to be added) — is a new, open access, digital journal of humanities (history and literary criticism) and social sciences. It aims at fostering the development of vigorous, critical, and independent research of the highest quality on Burma by scholars both in Burma and abroad. The Journal will be published in Burmese, with full text or summary translations in a second language (i.e., one of the major languages of world scholarship or one of the non-Burman written languages of Burma).

The editors hope to promote scholarly excellence by a system of peer review, editorial advice, and by supplying authors with digital copies of related research not easily otherwise available to them. We envision publishing bi-annually, often on particular themes selected by the editors and announced in advance.

We encourage submissions by young scholars and aspiring amateurs as well as established academics. All authors’ work will be held in the strictest confidence by the editors and their identities will be protected under a pen name if they so wish. We hope that the Independent Journal of Burmese Scholarship will help both create and display the fruits of a growing, independent, and assertive scholarly community.

We hope that the daring themes, the high production values, the controversy stirred by the journal and amplified by digital feedback and exchange will represent landmark interventions in Burmese history and culture, and help make it and the society formed around it into an intellectual crossroads for the best work in the humanities, history, and the social sciences in Burma.

Updated 2020.12.31 22:23:11 (UTC)